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Sadguru Dr. Raghuvir Singh Gaur is the first original founder of Supra Mental Meditation. It is a kind of meditation which takes the disciple's consciousness away from the innumerable layers - subtle and gross - of mind and commingles it with the Supreme Consciousness. Tenets of the mystical philosophy adumbrate that the individual consciousness (pran-shakti) resides at the bottom of. the spinal chord (mooladhar or kundalini). It remains inert and dormant for zillions of years. With the grace of God, at one point of time the individual soul, in its journey to eternity, stumbles across the spiritual master or Sadguru who , in turn disturbs the inertia or equilibrium of pran-shakti and the inward journey of consciousness gets a kick start. From the - first plane Mooladhar to the last plane Sahasrara it pierces through six different planes under the strict vigil of the sadguru and then it reaches its destination - the eternal communion with the eternity - the Supreme Consciousness - the state of complete bliss and ecstasy. During this involution the individual consciousness goes through a plethora of mystical and extra-ordinary experiences.

The Supra Mental Meditation of Dr. Raghuvir Singh Gaur is a medium with the help of which Sadguru Dr. Gaur initiates the disciple, breaks his eternal torpor, disturbs the equilibrium of his inert consciousness, awakens his vital power (pran-shakti - kundalini) and guides him to the final stag- "The Samadhi" - the ultimate communion and thus the ultimate alchemy is performed. The individual becomes the cosmos, the drop of water shapes into the limitless ocean and the Aham Brahmasmi (I am the world) becomes a concrete reality.

Acharya Gaur lives in Shivpuri with Dr. D.K. Sirothia at his bungalow which they fondly call ‘Lord Meher’. ‘Lord Meher House’ is a place of immense warmth. The collection of exception books and loving people, and chattering birds in the backyard all make it a place divine in its form.

O man, O lost man, O bereaved man! Come on, shed your ignorance, leave your suspicions, douse your doubts and come to my world. I'm right there stretching my arms and opening my chest and welcoming you. Come on, consume in me, and let your individuality perish. I will take you to the world where the Avatar dwells with all his consciousness, bliss and ecstasy. Just come on, come on, come on!


We thus simply take you back to some half a century ago and to its real significance over its ‘tourist’ history. It was Behenta a small sleepy village of our town of consideration Shivpuri. There lived a family reigning the village, known as Thakur Badam Singh Saheb. It was a deep dark night of no moon (Amavasya). The wife of Thakur Saheb was about to deliver a baby. The residents of the village were about to sleep after completing their domestic daily chores, to whom this night was no different than any other ordinary one, just then the entire village was filled with a sudden flash of lights filling the sky. It looked as if it were not the night of no moon but of the thousand full-blown moons or as if thousands of suns dazzled past. So unbelievable was this light that to just confirm that they weren’t dreaming all this, some of the women in the village put threads inside their needles to feel this light to be true. Suddenly the village that had no enthusiasm otherwise jumped into vigour and vivacity. Amid the hustle and bustle of the Haveli of Thakur Saheb there descended the news that Thakur Saheb was blessed with a son.

The entire village suddenly shed its slumber, people left their hovels and hutches and made beeline for Thakur Saheb's place. Raghuveer was born. The people of the village knew it immediately that they had unexpectedly become part of some history defining moments and someone extra-ordinary had stepped into their village.

Early life

Raghuveer, as the boy came to be known, started growing up with all the childish pranks and prattle. He was the pampered child of Thakur Saheb, blue-eyed lad of the village courtyard and the common friend of the rustic boys. Right from the beginning,the parents of the child knew that the boy possessed some extra-ordinary aura and certainly had got some super natural capacity which time would unfold only at the right moment. Then came the schooling, Raghuveer started attending a local school. Here too, owing to his captivating capacity he became the center of attraction and in no time he became the heartthrob of the teachers, administration and the schoolmates all alike. Once, while moving about in the school Raghuveer found that One of his schoolmate was weeping in one corner of the classroom. She was all alone sobbing inconsolably and no one was interested in her.

Raghuveer went up to her, patted her shoulders and asked what was wrong with her. Amid sobs the girl replied, "Brother! I'm not in a position to continue my studies because my family is in a financial slump. So I have to leave the school and studies as well." Raghuveer was deeply moved and assured her assumed sister to shed the ripples of anxiety and stay relaxed, he'd arrange all the money and financial help required for the purpose. And to fulfill his promise the innocent little boy Raghuveer, without telling his parents and elders, started working at a petrol pump, checking the accounts, at the same time managing school, earning money and arranging fee for the poor girl.

But it was not just the students who were touched by the sensitivity of Raghuveer. The boy Raghuveer was in 4th standard and one night his class teacher Mr. Shaligram Sharma had a dream featuring Raghuveer, something which inspired him to do something that is ever unheard of. The primary teacher of the boy Raghuveer, Mr Shaligram Sharma and his wife both decided to become the first spiritual disciples of Raghuveer. They took Deeksha from him. It so happened that this unheard of thing was repeated again and again. There came some more teachers in the row namely Bateshwar Dayal Shrivastav and Thakur Ramrakchcha Pal Singh - both principals. And this number only multiplied as days passed by. So much so that he humbly tells us a now that when he walked every morning in the college, both students and teachers who had taken Deeksha from him would line up to bow down to him from all sides making the walk to the class a half an hour affair.

Spiritual Journey and Enlightenment

At the tender age of 7, Raghuveer had surrendered himself into the feet of a god-realized saint Pujyapad Swami Ramgiri Ji Maharaj and from here had begun his rigorous spiritual training that lasted for many more years to come. At the age of 14, with the due permission of his parents, he left his parental abode and moved to mystic and mighty Himalayas for more stringent and biting spiritual training. He spent a good amount of time in the proximity of the Lamas of Tibet and learnt the intricacies of highly esoteric science of Tantra. Then he came under the tutelage of Swami Ji Maharaj of Datia and on his behest devoted his time at Pitambara Peeth-Datia, Kamakhya Peeth-Assam, and under the benevolent shade of enlightened souls like Paramhans Baba Bajrangdas Mahatyagi, Samadhi wale Paramhansa (who always used to be in the state of Turiya Samadhi), Om Sarkar and Mahayogini MaParamsidha to reinvigorate his spiritual energy.

The boy Raghuveer was now mature, studies over and so was the marriage. He was now Acharya Raghuveer Singh Gaur.

But his real battlefield was neither the academics nor the day-to-day affair of a commoner. It lay somewhere else. It was in the spiritual Armageddon where he had to shape the destiny of humankind. The life defining moment in the life of Dr. Gaur was just inches ahead...

On one fine occasion he found himself on the Samadhi of the present era's incarnation of the God Avatar Meher Baba at Ahmednagar. He was standing like everyone else in the long serpentine queue with a rose in his hand to offer his regards or tribute to the feet of Avatar. Then came his turn, and he entered the tomb. But before he could offer rose to Baba, Baba emerged from his grave and gave him a tight hug. Such was the impact of the Avataric embrace of Baba that the petals of the rose were crushed to powder and this reddened the side pocket of his long Kurta. It all happened in the divine consciousness and in a timeless dimension. Nobody around the tomb knew what happened and in which way? When Acharya Gaur returned to his worldly consciousness he found that the other persons in the queue were getting restless and asking him to leave the place for others. Acharya Gaur was in ecstatic delirium. When he told about this divine embrace to the fellow devotees standing hither and thither around the tomb and even inside the tomb nobody could believe it. Then he showed the crushed petals of the rose, the incarnadine smear of the sap of rose on the side pocket of his Kurta. But even then it was hard to stomach. But then much to the bewilderment of everybody the same ruddy splotch was seen on the side of the cloak of Baba's portrait which is perched behind his grave in the tomb. Seeing this people around there went berserk and took away even the last residue of the crushed rose.

The hug of Avatar Meher Baba was supposed to be his silent approval to kick-start the pivotal worldwide task of permeating the message of love and spiritual consciousness amongst us the lost and deviated souls. Acharya Gaur blasted the irrevocable and invincible bugle to conquer the world spiritually. He founded the World Spiritual Foundation with its Head Office at Shivpuri & its branches now established all over the world. This was the start of something which makes Shivpuri unique not because of its nature or history, but of the presence of man with exceptional capabilities.

Mass following and Individual Experiences

To understand this exactly you will have to peek into a large hall in Shivpuri where hundreds of devotees are seated in the hall. The notes of music and harmonious Bhajans are taking the hall into a magical loop. You might say this is common to any Satsang party that fills the market and the television box in ample amount.

A lady sitting in the hall suddenly yells and falls on the ground; but she seems to take this fall like a dead person, and seems to feel no pain or injury from this spontaneous fall; she now as suddenly as was her fall, starts to roll on the ground in a state of indecisive agitation, and even with her eyes closed like a tracking missile starts rollicking in that direction of the room where stands a white Kurta-payjama clad middle aged mustached man on the scene with some innocuous, electrifying and dutiful smile on his glowing face.

The entire atmosphere transcends from real to ethereal as she now moves so quickly along the ground with her eyes closed, so accurately in the direction that she bumps into all on the way, but even these hurdles don’t stop her pace of change her direction, and noticing this the man in Kurta Pajama rushes to the where she is.Now she seems to find some much needed relief.

He gently touches this amazingly carefree and high spirited lady from his fingers at the center of her forehead. She oozes with triumphant release. Slowly and steadily she seems to make her way back to the real world. The man’s fingers are moving fast now without even touching the lady, but she seems to respond to every turn of his hand, and as he moves the hands towards his chest, she seems to rise up to this request. Then she returns to normal.

At the same time on the other corner of the room a man starts jumping and bumping, flinging his hands or thumping his chest and then bursting into a loud and boisterous laugh. This time the man in white even does not move because some other semiconscious devotees, taking advantage of his time of stay for this lady have coiled around his legs and some little ones - not in their senses – have firmly stuck on his shoulders. But without moving an inch he dribbles his fingers as if somebody were zapping a remote towards the leapfrogging man and the man calms down. And bingo! What happens over there? A dog sitting in the corner of the hall suddenly starts gnarling its body and its eyes are mysteriously closed and even that dog has passed into a deep transcendental state.

There is an infant six month old in the hall too, in deep sleep. So what is new in it? The strange behavior is that the infant is not in sleep but in trans as its fingers are in meditative gesture (chinmayi mudra). And we are forced to think that nobody can suggest or even hypnotize a sixth month old. In the mean while another woman yowls and completely aloof of the atmosphere starts dancing in delirium. Because of her asymmetrical steps and bizarre gestures she is about to fall on the ground but suddenly she stops and remains where she is. It looked as if she were a lump of iron stopped by some magnetic rays of a powerful magnet. The magnet indeed is the bright hued man - dabbing, wiggling and pointing his fingers and hands in such a fashion as if some invisible strings were tied up on his fingers and he is regulating, fashioning and guiding us puppets from distance. This majestically sparkling Kurta-payjama clad middle-aged mustached man is none other than our own Dr. Raghuveer Singh Gaur, who is blessed with the power to make the lion behave like a poodle or make the hawk sing like a dove.

Is it hypnotism? Food for thought for all the cynics

Now a pause is needed to delve deep into these strange unusual incidents of automatic meditation going on the hall. What the hell broke loose in the hall? Why people like us, who are otherwise perfectly normal, are behaving like this. Are they crazy? Are they moonstruck? Is something driving them this crazy? The Doubting class may carve the explanation suitable to their choice. They may call it hypnotism and Dr. Gaur a wizard. They may subscribe it mesmerism and Acharya Gaur a prestidigitator. By stretching the same kind of logic some newcomer would call it autosuggestion. But the reality lies somewhere else, at a depth of our own inner energy and soul, beyond this body and mind, at the plane of our real EXISTENCE.

Before explaining this reality let us shred apart these arguments first by negating other possible sciences. The supporters of Hypnotism and mesmerism should know that mesmerism and hypnotism should be applied to the entire audience or gentry in one simple go.

After hypnotising or mesmerising the audience, when a magician converts a football into a pigeon the entire audience sees it a pigeon. It is not the case that some in the audience see it a pigeon whereas some other find it a rabbit or something else. But the case of Acharya Gaur and his fellow devotees is altogether different. Here each devotee has a different idea, opinion and action. And so in no terms can this phenomenon be described as mesmerism or hypnotism.

The supporters of the autosuggestion should note this fact. Only the conscious and developed minds can autosuggest itself. But is it possible for an infant of three four months to autosuggest itself or is it possible for an animal to autosuggest itself. The answer is a big negative. But in case of Acharya Gaur even infants and animals transcend the state of worldly consciousness and reach the unknown spheres of the mind. So the theory of autosuggestion also does not hold water.

The Spiritual Master, Spirituality and Supra-Mental Meditation

In one plain simple word it is real meditation happening at the depth of your existence. It's a real meditation which Acharya Gaur likes to call SUPRA MENTAL MEDITATION (MANATEET DHYAN).

Actually spirituality should be thought of as an extension to higher science, revealing truths known to people with higher consciousness. In spiritual terminology and science there is a place in human body somewhere near the starting point of the spinal cord called Kundalini. It is already known from past spiritual science that the vital life power (pran-shakti) of a human being resides there and that too deeply dormant. A spiritual Master with the help of Shaktipat (release of his spiritual potency) vibrates the the equilibrium of Kundalini. The pran-shakti awakens and starts moving upwards. Its ultimate destination is Brahma-randhra or Sahasrara where the ultimate consciousness or the Brahma or the God or whatever you may call it resides. When the individual soul (jeev-aatma) reaches here there is a reunion and the part consumes in the whole; the drop mixes in the ocean shedding all its individuality (“Boond samani sindhu mein so kat heri jay”). The spiritual journey of the individual consciousness (Jeev-aatma) comes to an end we all are destined to.

The task of the Spiritual Master is to help the ignorant individual off his unawareness and attain this ultimate reunion. Being a Spiritual Master (Acharya) Dr. Gaur does the same thing by his sheer proximity and the spiritual cosmic energy is ever flowing through his body is passed on those present in the hall. This cosmic energy vibrates the Kundalini of the meditators. The pran shakti starts moving upwards and the devotee starts doing automatic actions (kriyayen) which are not easily fathomable. This is true meditation. Everything else that is being done in various other meditation centres is mere concentration, in those cases you are putting an effort and no matter how hard you try that a though doesn’t come to your mind, you are still with the thought that there should be no thought. But in this, the cosmic energy is transferred in such great quantum that the disciple moves beyond body and mind and meets his own existence. And thus those automatic movements (kriyayein) take place which are required by that particular individual’s spiritual existence. The devotee does all these antics according to the sanskaras (impressions) of the innumerable past births. And when these action (Kriyayen) takes place the acharya evaporates, obliterates, effaces, and consumes them so that the devotee become devoid of these sanskaras and love of God can replace the emptied space. The crux is that the extroversion of consciousness gets an inward turn and the internal journey gets a kick-start.

Kundalini and Shaktipat

Thousands of books have been written on the subject of Kundalini and Shaktipat, both in the east and the west. And it has been a topic of great discussion and practice world over. But never before has it been seen happening on such a simple level. In the presence of Acharya Raghuveer Singh Gaur, it simply takes place to anyone irrespective of the fact that they have even heard about Chakras, Kundalini or Shaktipat. Even those who have come for the very first time simple go into trance without any knowhow. Sometimes a Punjabi lady starts singing in Urdu and an Indian child just two years old starts shouting in German. In his presence automatic meditation happens to hundreds at the same time. It is a unique delight to see two people sitting side by side, both in trans, while one is crying out his sanskaras, the other is laughing out loud. True happiness lies at the depths of your real existence, and therefore lasting happiness is possible only when you are treated at that depth.

Previously, the masters were seen doing Shaktipat to their chosen few staunch disciples. But here in the hall of Acharya Gaur Shaktipat is distributed like sweets in a candy shop, to all who need it, to the commoners and the richtie rich all alike. Currently, 67 very important sites on meditation all over the world are showing Acharya Gaur's YouTube videos as the only practical example of real Shaktipat.

This is the real reason for of what is happening in the said hall or Why the devotees are undergoing in this very form of meditation? Neither is this mesmerism nor hypnotism nor for that matter autosuggestion.

There was one towering personality named Late Dr. G.S.N Moorthi. He was a disciple of Avatar Meher Baba and Baba called him the Vivekananda of the modem Age. Once he visited Shivpuri and spent some time with Acharya Gaur. He was so moved by the deep and compassionate persona of Acharya Gaur and so hooked on with the Shaktipat of Acharya Gaur that he could hardly resist and made a vociferous announcement before the local media men that Acharya Gaur was the first original founder of the Supra Mental Meditation.

There was a famous Indian National Army’s soldier Colonel Gurubaksha Singh Dhillon, (March 18, 1914 – February 6, 2006) was an officer in the Indian National Army who was charged with "waging war against His Majesty the King Emperor". Along with Shah Nawaz Khan and Prem Kumar Sehgal, he was tried by the British at the end of World War II in the INA trials that began on November 5, 1945 at Red Fort. Dhillon also played an important role in the Indian Independence negotiations. He spent his life in the peaceful environs of Shivpuri. Once a question was asked from him how he felt in the proximity of Acharya Gaur. He took a pause, pondered a while and answered, "It is indeed difficult to give words to the feeling that I have being here with Acharya Gaur. But yes, there certainly is a magnetic force in Acharya Gaur which attracts me like anything. It looks as if there were some invisible strings wounds me around and brings me here."

Please look into the detailed Kundalini & Shaktipat sections for more information

Guruji's vision

Guruji runs his World Spiritual Foundation whose sole belief is in Meher Baba's motto - 'Mastery in Servitude' (‘Sewakai mein prabhutai’). The foundation is busy serving the mankind head over heels. World Spiritual foundation is now planning to come up with the world wide literature. The aim is to reach the poorest of the poor, the commoner and the mighty one without any discrimination and enhance them spiritually; the goal is to make people awake right from hoi-polloi to the king from their ignorance and torpor. But the most important thing is to provide ground breaking knowledge in the field of Spirituality and meditation, revealing esoteric truths that were secret to mankind till date.

Acharya Gaur has a clarion call - O man, O lost man, O bereaved man! Come on, shed your ignorance, leave your suspicions, douse your doubts and come to my world. I'm right there stretching my arms and opening my chest and welcoming you. Come on, consume in me, and let your individuality perish. I will take you to the world where the Avatar dwells with all his consciousness, bliss and ecstasy. Just come on, come on, come on!.


One of the famous poets of English literature opines that spiritual masters are just like hounds prowling out there to prey but the difference there is that hounds hunt because they are famishing for blood and are the wild beasts whereas spiritual masters hunt not because they are goo goo over the loaf of flesh but because they want to extirpate the individuality of individual self altogether and pave the way of communion of the individual ego with the Absolute Ego. Lord Buddha signifies the importance of "atta deeoo bhavah" (Light unto,thyself) and Upanishads fulminate the gravitas of "Aham Brahmasmi" (Jam the World).

But a question very pertinently surfaces - who will make you see that you are the world or who will ignite the torch so that you can peek unto thyself. The simplest answer is - one and alone - the spiritual master or Sadguru. Famous medieval saint St. Augustine says "ex nihilo nihil fit" - nothing can be produced from void. To produce something you need a medium. The medium here is Sadguru who makes the communion of individual self with the God Almighty possible.

About Shivpuri

Formerly known as Sipri, received its current name after independence in honor of the God Shiva. It is steeped in the royal legacy of its past, when it was the summer capital of the Scindia rulers of Gwalior. Shivpuri is a peaceful and sedate town of northwest M.P some hundred kilometres away from both Gwalior and Jhansi.

On 17 April 1859 Tatya Tope Tope was awarded death sentence by British Raj for his part in the Revolt of 1857 in nearby Jhansi. He was hanged to death in Shivpuri, at a site near the present collectorate. The site is still here...

Earlier to that Shivpuri was awarded as Jagir to the Kachwahas of Narwar in the 17th century. Shivpuri king and fort was won by Ranoji Bhoite, a Maratha General of Chhatrapati of Satara on instructions of Jankoji Shinde, Gwalior Chief.

In February 1781, the Scindias lost a battle to the British there, which resulted in a mutual-defense treaty the following October. Shivpuri again came under the rule of the Scindias in 1804, who granted it to one of their Maratha generals by name Ingle. Later, it was transferred to the Honorable East India company in 1817 under a treaty, but the Scindias regained it in 1818. The fort of Narwar is still here and the Scindias legacy is still here in the form of Chhatri.

Earlier to even that, Shivpuri's dense forests were the hunting grounds of the Mughal emperors. Emperor Akbar captured herds of elephants for his stables while returning from Mandu in year 1564. These thick forests are still here as Madhav National Park.

Shivpuri is a city that is still here with its eerie peace, its rough and uneven demography, its multifarious culture or unusual cheerful friendliness, its lush green surroundings, its small town romanticism, thick dense forests, vibrant ecology, lakes, rich flora and fauna.


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