Shaktipat Sessions via Video Conferencing (Zoom)


Date & Time of the Event:

Group Shaktipat sessions are currently held biweekly. Every Wednesday 10pm EST & every Saturday 11am EST


Starting April 2018, Guruji will be conducting online group Shaktipat sessions. The sessions will be conducted online via group video (Zoom video) call. Each session will be 30-45mins where the group will be meditating along with Guruji. The duration of the session is not as important as how open-minded and receptive you are to the Guru's energy.

Registration & Payment:

  • Registration: Advance registration is required since the number of slots per session are limited. If a particular session is already full, we’ll schedule you for the next session for a date/time that works for you if you'd like.
  • Group Session: The meditation session is conducted in a Zoom video conference group. Please look at the fee structure for group session below. This fee is non-negotiable and please do not embarrass us by making requests for exceptions.
  • Individual Session: If you prefer to have a one on one session with Guruji instead of a group, then we can arrange that. Once you make the payment (see fee for individual session below) we'll work with you to schedule a time on Guruji's calendar.
  • Payments: We use Paypal to receive payments. Please select the Group Session/Individual Session below, click "Pay Now" and send us the payment. Once you've made the payment, please send us an email at with your Name, Email id (of participant), Payment Amount, contact info & date you'd like to have the session.

    Group Session: USD 50 per person per session
    Individual Session: USD 150 per person per session

Please sign-up for Shaktipat Session here

  • We advise that you sign-up for a group session atleast 2 days prior to the actual session date so that we have sufficient time to schedule you and send you an invite.
  • Once you make a payment for the session using the paypal link below, please send us an email us at to let us know when you'd like to join the group session.
  • Can't make the group session on the date you signed up for? Its no problem, things happen and we understand. Just email us at to reschedule a group session to a different date.
  • For Individual Sessions, we'll email you to schedule your session with Guruji once we have received your payment.
  • If you have any feedback or any concerns, we'd love to hear it and see how we can help and make your experience better next time. We're always here for you, just email us at

Video Session Requirements

  • We use ZOOM conferences to conduct video sessions. Click here to visit Zoom Website
  • We strongly recommend that you do the video session via a laptop/desktop computer over a wifi connection instead of a tablet or a phone over a wireless network provider connection. Using a laptop/desktop screen will ensure you can see Guruji and he can see you well and clearly (Won't you want that?).
  • Please have your setup ready ahead of the scheduled time. We expect this to be ready to go atleast 30mins prior to the session. Please goto the Zoom URL we provide 15-20mins before start to make sure we have a connection ready.
  • During registration, you are required to provide an email address which we’ll use to you a ZOOM URL link.
  • If using Phone or Tablet: For first time users, the link should automatically guide you to the zoom app on the app store. Please install the app (its free) and it should automatically launch the meeting for you.
  • If using computer: If you're using a computer to conference in, clicking on the url should automatically launch the ZOOM website. If you're a first time user, this website will prompt you to install a zoom plugin. Please proceed to install the plugin as recommended. This should only be a 1 time install for a computer accessing zoom for the first time.


  • We request all participants who are undergoing this process for the first time to familiarize themselves with the process of Kundalini awakening and Shaktipat both of which have been described in great detail on our website.
  • On the day of the session, please dress so that you can able to sit comfortably in a meditation posture (Padmasana or Lotus Pose). If you want to rest your back against a wall, its ok. If sitting on the floor in lotus pose is difficult, you can sit on a chair but please ensure that you sit in an erect posture with a straight spine.
  • During the session please ensure that your laptop camera points in your direction and you are clearly visible.
  • To get maximum benefit from the session, try to come with an open mind leaving all scepticism behind. Its extremely important to trust & embrace the Guru, be receptive to Guru's energy and let him do the rest.

What to expect in the session

  • You will likely go into deep meditation or experience a whole different level of meditation if you've been meditating before
  • No need to chant any mantras or worry about your thoughts or try to focus too hard. Be receptive to the Guru and let him do the work
  • When the session begins, you will sitting quietly with your eyes closed in Chin Mudra Guruji will recite ‘OM’ few times to put you into Dhyana (deep meditation). You will continue to stay in Dhyana until Guruji will start reciting ‘OM’ again to bring you out of Dhyana.
  • Everyone has different experiences during Shaktipat. If you have watched Guruji’s mass Shaktipat YouTube videos, you can see that some people experience intense involuntary or jerky movements, dance, cry, and laugh or exhibit what some call as strange behaviour. This is normal. While some people do experience some sort of involuntary movements, no movements does not mean you are not receiving Shaktipat or its not working. Everyone responds differently.
  • Some may experience tingling sensation in hands & soles of the feet, mild headache or pressure on the side of head or temples or between the eyebrows, rush of energy flowing through the body or tingling in the spine or the base of the spine – these all symptoms once again are considered fairly normal. If you do not feel any of these in the first session, there isn’t a reason to worry because you will feel them sooner or later. Please note that any specific symptom does not equate to spiritual ‘maturity’ level.
  • The whole experience will leave you with a very calm, happy, loved & blissful feeling afterwards.


In spiritual world, Guru has the ultimate power. A capable Guru can do a Shaktipat transmission to anyone, anywhere and anytime without a physical contact. Its like lighting a little spark inside you, its effortless. Once you start your spiritual journey and your Kundalini is active, it'll automatically guide you to meet your Guru in person when the time is right. Just trust the process & let your Guru determine whats right for you.

Its like being tutored in school with other students versus having a private tutor. The course material or the tutor's methodology doesn't change; however in a classroom/group you're sharing your tutor time with other students versus having all the attention to yourself in a private session.

Another advantage of individuals sessions is that after your Shaktipat session, you have 1-on-1 time with Guruji to discuss any questions you may have.

There will be an administrator moderating the call. If you get disconnected due to the network issue, we’ll try to get you back. If you’re unable to join again, there is no need to panic. We’ll schedule you for the next session that works for you.

We understand that technology can act up sometimes and be a little unpredictable, particularly video calls. If for some reason the session is not conducted satisfactorily, Guruji will automatically want to redo it until he is satisfied that he was able to do the work he wanted to. Be assured, we don’t want your money unless you experience the love of Guruji.

Guruji has been performing mass Shaktipat sessions in Shivpuri (India) for years for free. He does not charge anything for Guru-deeksha (Master-initiation) but unfortunately we live in a world where everything costs money – renting banquet halls, food for volunteers & visitors, travel costs. Being a non-profit we are poor and have no source of income but we still have bills like everyone else. Guruji does a lot of charity events which again cost money. In order to sustain and support our initiative to take Guruji’s blessings to people around the world (our website receives visitors from over 120 different countries around the world), we have decided to add a small fee. We promise that we are an organization run merely by volunteers with no business goals & financial assets. Our mission is to spread love and take Guruji’s blessings to everyone who wants and needs him.

There is no diet prep or fasitng required. Ancient indian yogis ate plant based diet like fruits, vegetables & food grains while they meditated in solitude. As you go through the spiritual awakening, your spiritual energy will automatically help you make the necessary dietary changes as it cleanses you. You don't have to force any diet on yourself.

That is why you have a Guru. Shaktipat doesn’t require you to have any previous meditation experience. You just have to trust the process, be receptive to the Guru and let him do the rest for you.

There are no levels, no courses and no packages to sign up for. Without criticizing anyone, we feel saddened to see how spirituality has been commercialized and is being sold in packages to make it sound more attractive. We request all aspirants to not fall into this trap.

Spirituality isn't about acquiring power over others, its about leading a happy & fulfilling life.

There is no cookie-cutter recipe for this. This is usually different for every individual, their spiritual readiness and how receptive they are to the Guru. In some people Kundalini rises with a lot of intensity but while in others, it’s a slow and gradual process.

Spiritual journeys are long and Kundalini awakening is a fairly long process which can take years. Once you’ve been initiated by a Guru and you start meditating regularly, you'll automatically make progress. Usually we recommend 3-5 sessions over a period of time for the Kundalini to start working consistently. Once you have your first experience, your kundalini energy will automatically guide you and you’ll automatically want to come again when you feel you’re ready.

We don't want to disappoint you but if you are looking for a shortcut to get 'Enlightened' or become a 'Psychic' or have supernatural 'third eye powers' overnight, then we want to let you know that such shortcut doesn't exist. It takes years of hardwork and dedication for himalayan yogis to get to those spiritual heights. Spiritual process can be compared to enrolling in school - you have to go from kindergarten through university to be a doctorate.

Kundalini awakening is just the initiation, and it has to be followed by your dedication in lifestyle & regular meditation which will continue to grow you through your spiritual journey. Having a Guru lead you through the way helps keep you focussed and the Guru can use their spiritual energy to tailor your Kundalini to what best suits you (think of your school curriculum tailored to your learning ability & needs). This includes helping you release your past life samskaras.

We recommend that you do not associate spiritual process with milestones and attainment of power - this is counter-productive to the spiritual journey in the first place. Instead look at it from a view of building a happier & healthier inward looking life which is free of lust & material possessions, an ego free spirit capable of loving unconditionally and having the ability to look at the world in a completely new light with a new increased level of consciousness.

A short answer would be 'No'. Like mentioned in the previous question, there isn't an express lane to becoming 'Enlightened' or become a 'Sadguru' or having supernatural powers. There is no magic wand that you'll get from a Shaktipat session that'll turn you into a Sadguru, this isn't as simple as it may seem.

Once again we recommend that you do not associate spiritual process with milestones and attainment of power. Instead look at it from a view of building a happier & healthier inward looking life which is free of lust & material possessions, an ego free spirit capable of loving unconditionally and having the ability to look at the world in a completely new light with a new increased level of consciousness.

There cannot be a single formula applicable to every person. Just like each student responds differently to each course in school; similarly in spiritual school every class and every experience is going to be different for each individual. With every session, a lot of work is being done on you. Shaktipat sessions aren't necessarily focussed on giving you strong experiences everytime but rather giving you the deep rooted foundation to prepare you for this long journey.

Think of spiritual journey like a very long train journey. You'll go through different destinations every day and every hour. Each destination will be different with different views and different landscapes. Each view will make you feel differently; sometimes happy, sometimes sad, some very intense emotion and sometimes indifferent but the good thing is that once you're aboard and once the train leaves its station, it never stops. So irrespective of the intensity & how how you feel, you continue to move through your journey each day. Your Guru knows what needs to be done to take you through your journey; so just trust the process and be receptive to the Guru with all your dedication.

God Speaks by Meher Baba is very informative and gives a very comprehensive view of evolution and the journey of consciousness

Guide to Shaktipat by Swami Shivom Tirth answers a lot of beginner questions about Shaktipat, Guru/disciple relationship, dos & donts of Shaktipat/Kundalini process

Please read additional FAQs on our website.