Shaktipat is the descent of spiritual energy. Since energy is all pervading and is present in every particle of nature.

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Shaktipat: The Self-Proven System

Shaktipat, means the descent of Chit-Shakti (the power of mind-stuff) of the Guru on the ChitShakti of the disciple: The GURU is regarded to be spiritually more advanced than the disciple. When the higher spiritual power of the Guru is transferred to the lower one of the disciple, it arouses and activates the disciple's Chit-Shakti and makes it introspective. This awakening and activation is easily possible through Shaktipat.

Other Means for Rise of Energy

The inward awakening of Shakti or inner consciousness is possible when the Chitta (mind-stuff) has been purified and the grace of God is bestowed. Japa (repetition of holy names), penance, practice of Hatha Yoga, religious studies and discourses all aim at achieving this objective but they require long and constant effort. It certainly requires much patience and this persistent and enduring patience is rarely seen. Whenever an aspirant abandons this path, his efforts, be-come a total waste. For this reason, the reliance on Shaktipat is highly beneficial because if an able Guru has been found and he has showered his grace, then Kundalini (dormant spiritual energy residing at the base of the spine) is soon awakened.

Theoretically all spiritual systems aim at awakening Kundalini however there is a big difference in practice. There are hardly one or two instances known when an aspirant has been able to awaken his Shakti by personal efforts. The author of Shiva Sutras rightly expounds that there is only one way of awakening. Kundalini, i.e "Gururupaya" (the efforts of a Guru).

We may, therefore, accept theoretically that all spiritual efforts aim at awakening Kundalini but in practice the awakening is more easily possible through Shaktipat. This does not mean, however, that other efforts such as worship, devotion and study of spiritual books have no bearing. These are necessary and, in fact, are required to be practiced so that our Chit-Shakti develops necessary receptivity for Shaktipat initiation. An aspirant should always have his goal in view while doing these practices. In this manner he develops an intense desire for achieving the higher objective.


Shaktipat leads to awakening of Kundalini which is the inner consciousness or the divine energy present in each living being.


Types of Shaktipat

Anvi Initiation

When he is given the initiation called Anvi, the aspirant performs japa, worship and spiritual practices egotistically and with effort. It is the effort of a human being who is like Anu (an atom) and whose aim, God realization, is much, much bigger compared to his own infinite existence.


Shakti Initiation

The second initiation is Shakti which involves the awakening of a supernatural force within the body and this awakened power acts for the spiritual upliftment of the aspirant.


Shambhavi Initiation

The third is called Shambhavi. Shambu is the name of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is de-scribed by scriptures as the Supreme Lord having, among innumerable attributes, unimpeded will, absolute Knowledge, absolute power of creativity and absolute Self-consciousness. This initiation which trans-forms a disciple into the person of Lord Shiva is Shambhavi Shaktipat.

The type of initiation given to a particular disciple depends on capacity of the disciple. Many disciples are much too eager to receive the higher types like Shakti or Shambhavi initiation. They should, however, realize that they can be given these only when they have developed greater spiritual capacity. Constant practice and patience are very important for spiritual advancement. Surrender to the will of the Guru, in whom the disciple has faith, is very essential.


I watched Acharya Gaur's (Guruji's) YouTube videos on Shaktipath and found myself drawn to visiting Shivpuri on a recent trip to India. I felt a kind of love that one can only feel from one's own father. There was an incredible feeling of energy during the Shaktipath sessions. I can't say enough good things about Guruji and his friendly abode. The only regret I have is not being able to stay longer as we were scheduled to leave for the US shortly afterward.

Nimmi (U.S.A.)


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Shaktipat for disciples age, gender etc.



Shaktipat is the base of life. It is necessary for life and anyone can receive it at any age.


A Shaktipat should also be given to an expectant mother for birth of an extraordinary, brilliant, excellent and divine progeny. Be it a male or a female; a child or an old man; Shaktipat is necessary for all in order that they may make their life happier by awakening the eternal consciousness of their 'inner self' by means of adorable Shri Gurudev's blessings.

One should shun off the wrong notion that a Shaktipat is required for an old man only. On the contrary, a Shaktipat is the only means of leading a glorious, peaceful life devoid of sins and sorrows and full of happiness and prosperity.

It develops our five powers and awakens the power of the inmost kundalini and generates divine sensitivity in the inmost recesses of the heart of the shishya. A Shaktipat is, therefore, very important in our life. It can work wonders in life. In fact, its importance is beyond description and the individual or disciple whoever understands its value, only he or she attains fulfillment in life.

SHAKTIPAT leads to awakening of Kundalini which is the inner consciousness or the divine energy present in each living being.

The Rise of the inner energy or awakened kundalini helps the living being for:

  • To solve all the problems of your life,
  • To achieve material and spiritual success,
  • To attain salvation while still alive,
  • To revel in absolute divine ecstasies (called Anand, Parmanand and brahmanand) and
  • To avail of all those things for which we are born.
    • Increase in IQ level
    • Feel more at peace and bliss
    • Psychic abilities are enhanced
    • Much better sense of sound, color and sight
    • Feeling awareness of purification
    • More compassionate and empathic
    • Slowed down aging and increase in creativity
    • Become physically stronger
    • Become more attractive
    • Better wisdom and calmness
    • Increased spiritual connection
    • High sexual pleasure
    • Greater experience of the divine light
    • Blissful vibration of energy perceived inside the ears as sound

You may experience some of these or none at all when your kundalini is awakened; the reason being everyone is unique. I would like to note if your kundalini is awakened spontaneously you might experience a lot of problems.

You may please meet His Holiness Sad guru Gaur and can receive different kinds of high class Shaktipat (processes of making a disciple enlightened with divinity) and make your life blessed and completely successful with God's grace and grandeur.


Note: Guru gives Shaktipat to his shishya in accordance with the status or capacity of disciple’s Sadhana.


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