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Ocean of Bliss in Kurdistan

By Alan Ali Awilkadir   |   Thursday, March 2, 2017



While waiting for Guruji’s arrival at the Kurdistan airport, I felt heightened sensitivity in my senses and my emotions were running high. I had this infinite calmness everywhere around me. Upon his arrival and while we were on our way home, my car moved slowly as if the time had stopped or slowed down. On being asked why I was driving so slowly, all I could do is just smile back as if it were enough to explain the extreme joy that was going on inside me.

It is very hard to explain the aura around him unless one experiences it firsthand, any attempts to put it in words is in vain. Simply put, that infinite peace spreads everywhere around Guruji. His presence removes all the complications of life from our head; slows down the chaos of infinite unrelated thoughts, and everything seems to run in such order. The ocean of calmness I had carried at the airport followed us home. It was hard to tell if this bliss was already there or it arrived with us. All we know is wherever Guruji is present, you experience this unexplainable feeling of bliss.

We all have had a guest at home or visited someone as a guest on numerous occasions. We all know the difference of having a guest or a family member over at our home no matter how strong the friendship or the relationship is. Surprisingly, we never ever felt that Guruji was a guest in our home, not even when he arrived for the very first time. I feel that he has been family to us from the moment when the universe started to exist.

Shortly upon his arrival, visitors begin to pour in. Although Guruji rarely decides or orders, but for some reason the sequence of the events always seems to be perfect. Groups of disciples/visitors begin to flow in & out, planned events & activities go smoothly and flawlessly. Reflecting on the events after their completion, we would slowly discover the lessons and the outcomes. The more I think about them, more clearly I can see the infinite divine engineering that went on behind them. Sometimes Guruji is late, but after a while we know that it couldn’t have been timed any better. Sometimes events happen differently from how they were originally planned or expected to happen but yet everything seems to fall in place. They just seem to have been planned long before we actually thought about them. The next few days quickly skimmed by. Every moment, action and event progresses like a calm river - smooth, flowing and in perfect harmony with the nature. Things moved really quickly - more visitors, more activities & events are scheduled.

Time flew by quicker than we realized. During the final days of Guruji’s trip, I love to watch Guruji pack his luggage. Each and every article will be folded meticulously to perfection. He organizes everything slowly, putting each and every item away in the exact place it belongs and everything seems to fit so well – just like every piece of my life has ever since he has been a part of it.

Once again, Guruji’s trip to Kurdistan had come to an end and it was the day for his return to India. Although his presence will continue to be with us once he returns to India but we will miss being able to see him every day. With this feeling, we head to the airport. Once we reach the airport, he will head to the departure hall while we wait outside until he gets on the plane.

Due to the layout of the airport, passengers inside airport departure lounge are not visible on the outside and neither is the bus which carries passengers to the aircraft. We say our goodbyes as Guruji enters the departure hall. Guruji, at the right time and through the right direction, sends his goodbye greetings in a beautiful gesture full of love and compassion. With this gesture he makes us understand that despite physical obstacles which prevent us from seeing him, he always see us and always feels us regardless of location or time.

So long! We already can’t wait to see you back here in Kurdistan again Guruji..

Avatar Meher Baba Birthday Celebrations

By Somya Sirothia   |   Friday, February 24, 2017



Recently, World Spiritual foundation celebrated the birthday eve of The Avatar of the Age, Avatar Meher Baba, at its Shivpuri Centre. It was a 2 days affair, 24th- 25th February.

The evening of 24th February kick started the event with Prayers offering to The Eternal Beloved. The main attraction was the year after year sarva-dharma sabha (all religion meet) held on Avatar Meher baba's birthday wherein the representatives of each and every religion came along and offered their respective prayers to the God. The evening was filled with God's own presence when Acharya Dr. Raghuveer Singh Gaur bestowed the present disciples with his precious discourses and intense and blessed Shaktipat session helped the disciples come closer to the beloved god. Also, children and artists from around the town performed for the beloved God.

The disciples kept awake all the night (Ratri jagran) singing, enjoying, dancing in the bliss and joy of god. With the same enthusiasm and love, morning at 5, they welcomed The Lord.

Later that morning, a procession was taken out on the roads of Shivpuri which was led by Acharya Dr. Gaur. The procession was a success with spreading Avatar Meher baba's name and teachings to the masses. The afternoon and evening was blessed with a giving and spiritually uplifting sessions of supra mental meditation. The disciples were benefited with Acharya Dr. Gaur's presence and Avatar Meher baba's love.