Shaktipat is the descent of spiritual energy. Since energy is all pervading and is present in every particle of nature.

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What is Supramental State?

A special state of consciousness in which the mental structure is transcended, the discursive mind (the producer of all the dualistic thoughts) is silenced because we no longer feed it with our attention.For many this Supramental state might appear very difficult to obtain but with little effort we can easily realize the reality of this state which is “one blink away” from our normal states.

Even if concealed by the details of reality, it is possible for anyone to realize this supramental state right now. Even while you are reading these lines you are formulating your ideas and fundamental experiences at the Supramental level in the shape of some intuitions and intentions, but they get immediately “swallowed” at the mental level where you just assign them to the particular personality you have – you give them the personal flavor of your thoughts until everything becomes the very detailed personality, that cannot be distinguished from its basic elements.

It is exactly like for example when you look at a painting but you can’t see the colors because the colors are contained already in the images that create the whole painting. Therefore you can’t see only the red for example, you are looking at the particular painting as a whole. Analogically speaking this is how the Supramental state is concealed in the normal daily states we have.

Possible benefits of Supra Mental Meditation

  • Increase in IQ level
  • Feel more at peace and bliss
  • Psychic abilities are enhanced
  • Much better sense of sound, color and sight
  • Feeling awareness of purification
  • More compassionate and empathic
  • Slowed down aging and increase in creativity
  • Become physically stronger
  • Become more attractive
  • Better wisdom and calmness
  • Increased spiritual connection
  • Greater experience of the divine light
  • and more...


Yes, it is possible to realize the Supramental state right now with the blessing and presence of Acharya Dr. R. S. Gaur.


There are no words for his expanding love and his radiant energy. In May 2013 I sent message to World Spiritual Foundation. I received immediate response from Guruji. I was in supra mental meditation state for 1 hour and 20 minutes. When I found the spiritual path, I felt that I found missing puzzle piece. As I continued my meditation, I felt new experiences. My eagerness grew each day. I am a good person but I became better and better as time passed. Some of the bad habits, I was able to stop without any effort. I started to love my life. I received new eyes to see people as divine soul and enjoyed Mother Nature. I love seeing hearts and OM signs in Mother Nature. I feel my mind, soul and body are now connected. I am very fortunate to meet Guruji in this life and in person. I enjoy this bliss now. Joy pops up like popcorn inside me.

Archana Patel (U.S.A.)


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What happens when we meditate?

Spiritual Reality takes you through a unique journey. A journey, which will change your life.
A journey, which will enrich you and make you Knowledgeable and Blissful.

Peace can sometimes be so far away, and inner bliss...even farther away.

Take the time now to spend some real quality time by going within. Find that sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return.

Let yourself unwind and compose yourself for a few precious moments of peace. Remember that your mind is much more far-reaching than your physical brain. Your mind, as consciousness, is nonphysical, while your brain is just the physical translator of your consciousness.


Supramental Meditation Courses


Part 1: Basic Supermental Meditation - Kundalini Awakening/Initiation
by Guruji's divine blessings/ Shaktipat

This is the beginning of Meditation. Meditation is a state of deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent. One can meditate while doing his day's labors as another.

Duration: 1 day (2hrs.)
Sessions: Two
Total Time: 2 hours
Morning: 10a.m. to 11a.m.
Evening: 6am to 7pm

Part 2: Advanced Supramental Meditation

  • Chakra cleansings
  • Intense Meditation
  • Generating positive intelligent and creative energy in body
  • Purify mind, body and thoughts

Duration: 3 days
Sessions: 5 (each 1 hours)
Total Time: 5 hours
Morning: 10a.m. to 11a.m.
Evening: 6a.m. to 7p.m.



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