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Mrs. C. B.

Before my online shaktipat sessions with Guruji, I spent around 5 years meditating, doing self-inquiry work, and really working on expanding my consciousness and aligning with God every day.

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Although I made progress on my own, nothing came remotely close until I received shaktipat sessions online with Guruji.
On my very first session, I felt the space of my crown chakra open up and it felt like sublime bliss oozing down my head. Other following sessions, I could feel Guruji working on other chakras. I’ve had both private and group sessions and each one is very different and helpful to both my body and my consciousness.
Prior to receiving shaktipat, I had unexplained asthma attacks for two years where my throat would close up. I know this was a result of not expressing myself more with others since I tend to be very introverted. During two sessions with Guruji, my head bent backwards, and I could feel the space around my throat chakra open up. Since then my unexplained asthma attacks and throat closings have gone and I no longer use steroid inhalers.
Guruji is always looking after you if you allow him into your heart and trust the process. This past Easter, I was not feeling well do to some news I received. I don’t know if he knew or if God sent him that day, but out of the blue, he sent me a whatsapp message for a shaktipat session. It was what I needed that day to get me back on track with my inner journey because I was ready to quit. Recently I did a group session.
During the session, I was feeling a little restless while my mind was wondering. Suddenly about 15 minutes into the session, I could clearly see Guruji in my third eye area and feel his loving energy while he worked on my third eye and crown chakra. He has the energy of a kind father looking after you. Time and distance does not matter for Guruji. Most of my private sessions had intermittent internet connections because of my home wifi, but that did not matter at all. Half the time my phone didn’t work but that didn’t affect the session at all.
A kundalini awakening is not something to pursue lightly. It can be very cathartic, so it is best to having a loving guru to guide you. I am eternally grateful for Guruji’s time and blessings. My sadhana is so much deeper that I could have ever imagined when I started my inner journey five years ago.
Monira Abdulakdir

Ich hab das Glück gehabt Guruji zu Treffen, was nicht jedem in diesem Leben gegönnt ist. Ich bin sehr glücklich darüber, dass ich ihn näher kennengelernt habe denn durch ihn habe ich etwas unglaubliches erfahren und gefühlt.

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Aufeinmal hatte ich Antworten auf Fragen die ich mir schon mein Leben lang gestellt habe. 

Seine Familie, die ich näher kennen- und lieben lernen durfte, hat mir das Gefühl gegeben das - auch wenn wir uns das erste mal gesehen hatten - sie auch meine Familie ist trotz der kurzen Zeit die ich mit ihnen verbracht habe. Diese war die sorgenfrei- und unbeschwerteste Zeit in meinem Leben.

Ich danke Guruji das er es mir ermöglicht hat ihn zu treffen denn ich weiss ich bin eine der glücklichen die Chance hatten ihn zu treffen.

Er ist ein heiliger und wer ihn sieht der liebt ihn auf einen Schlag und er genau so.

Und ich wünsche jedem diesen Schatz denn nachdem ich ihn kennengelernt habe, hat sich vieles zum positiven gewendet.

Danke, vielen dank Guruji für deine Liebe und deine Gebete und das du auf uns aufpasst.
Mr. and Mrs. Lele

We came to know about our dear Guruji and the World Spiritual Foundation in the year 2012 when my brother forwarded a video showing Kundalini Shaktipat being performed by Guruji.

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We got interested and read more about the shaktipat process on the website of the Foundation. Later during the year we visited Shivpuri and received the blessings of Guruji. It was a unique experience for me and my wife. Guruji is such a kind hearted and loving person. He is also so simple, unassuming and easily approachable.

Meeting him and attending the shaktipat sessions along with other devotees was a mesmerizing experience. We were also overwhelmed by the great hospitality of the Sirothia family and their dedication to Guruji and the Foundation. Since our first visit to Shivpuri, we have been regularly visiting Guruji during the Guru Poornima celebrations. Over the years, we have experienced a positive change in our lives. We consult Guruji regarding major decisions in our life and he is always there for us. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have met Guruji in this life time.
Mithil Pradhan

Life is not the same after Nov 2013 when I met Shri Raghuveer Singh Gaur whom everybody fondly calls Guruji. He is a father, God & also a friend who is always with you, no matter what.

Being in his presence is enough to lift you spiritually & evaporate all your worries.
Swami Soham Puri ji

Ayant passé un partie importante de ma vie à investiguer et à pratiquer plusieurs disciplines de Mahayoga, je puis affirmer avec certitude que le Sadguru Dr. R.S. Gaur est un chef de file de renommée mondiale en matière de transmission Shaktipat.

Judy Margaret

From the first time I met Guruji, my heart opened to the pure love of God and I knew I had met an Enlightened being. In his presence, I feel a certainty of direction in my spiritual life.

Jay Mehta

Such grace, your appearing in my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Guru is Brahma, who is the Creator of the universe. Guru is Vishnu who is all pervasive and is also the Doer in the universe.

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Guru is Maheshvara who commands and ordains everything in the universe in the right manner. Guru is not one who merely teaches. A real Guru is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, He is God Himself & I have been lucky enough to have found him!

Guruji, your beingness is undeniable, obvious; for when you say you do not teach, but share what is, this is exactly what occurs. There is absolutely no contradiction between what you say and what you so transparently are – this is total integrity; a clear demonstration of truth.

Eternally at your feet!!
Jay Mehta
Yuliya Pleskach

Something profound happens within when you encounter Dr.Gaur and the change is inevitable when you surrender and allow it to happen.

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Overflow of love, joy and intimacy with ALL THAT IS becomes very prevalent in your experience and you just sit there in awe and gratitude for simplest things in life. I cannot possibly know how much of suppressed emotions, feelings and pains have left my physical and energy body with automated involuntary kriya movements that are triggered by Dr.Gaur and carefully supervised.

The subtile shifts in consciousness happen very much unnoticed and then sometime later I realize that very same thing that used to trigger me so much no longer have power over me. Or my reaction to certain things are no longer compulsive.

I have spent quite sometime in the presence of Dr.Gaur and after my first visit i came back within a month time as the calling was unbearable to keep aside. I fondly call Dr. Gaur Guruji which in sanskrit means teacher but it is much more then this.

I also want to mention Family that takes care of everything from all the basic needs of visitors to what ever you mind possibly need help with. They are among the sweetest and welcoming people I have met. With each and every member i have bonded in one way or another and can’t even begin to elaborate as i am overwhelmed with emotions while recalling the memories.

My whole search to meet such remarkable people is powered by yearning to learn how to feel a little more , to experience a little deeper, to let go easier, how to love unconditionally, how to live life freer and I have opened hidden doors within me with help of Dr.Gaur.

I highly encourage people to meet Dr. Gaur at least ones in their life and experience another dimension of them selfs under care, love and compassion of this beautiful being.
Archana Patel

My name is Archana Patel and I live in Chicago USA. When a Guru initiates a disciple, he has an intense desire created for the welfare of the disciple.

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He wishes that the disciple should get beyond the dualities of pleasure and pain, gain and loss and get established in eternal happiness. I was looking for a Spiritual Master to awaken my Kundalini Sakti. I did my research but nothing caught my attention until I saw some YouTube video of Guruji giving Saktipat. I immediately felt connected. I felt his love through the videos.

There are no words for his expanding love and his radiant energy. In May 2013 I sent message to World Spiritual Foundation. I received immediate response from Guruji. Third day, I received Saktipat via Skype. I was in supra mental meditation state for 1 hour and 20 minutes. When I found the spiritual path, I felt that I found missing puzzle piece. As I continued my meditation, I felt new experiences. My eagerness grew each day. I am a good person but I became better and better as time passed. Some of the bad habits, I was able to stop without any effort. I started to love my life. I received new eyes to see people as divine soul and enjoyed Mother Nature. I love seeing hearts and OM signs in Mother Nature. I feel my mind, soul and body are now connected. I am very fortunate to meet Guruji in this life and in person. I enjoy this bliss now. Joy pops up like popcorn inside me. My eight year old daughter tells that is Guruji making you laugh? When I hug her, I go into deep meditation stage. I feel very connected to music and I become music. I try to control my Kriya’s in public places when music is playing or when I am at holy places.

During his visit to Chicago in 2016, he initiated more than 50 people. They were just friends and family who never experienced meditation. There were few children. My 9 years old son asked Guruji, will you teach me how to do meditation? After the first session he said I feel like I am in egg shell. I want to get out of it. In today’s session I broke one corner but I need two more sessions. He asked for sessions on his own. On third session he broke the whole egg shell and felt free. He also said that he was flying like superman and trying to save train accident. He said Guruji like Monkey God jumping with me during the meditation.

There were only few times I felt little scared in Meditation and my dreams. I ask for his help, and he would be there to rescue me. One can learn so many things from Guruji. His simplicity, kindness, giving back to nature, and loving heart. His grace is divine. Nothing is like dropping my ego and surrendering to him. I bow to his lotus feet over and over.

All my love and gratitude, thank you thank you for being my Guru.
Mahazou Mahaman

I contacted Guruji via his youtube channel and he spontaneously agreed to receive me. He greeted me personally at Gwalior and took me to Shivpuri where he housed me and taken care of for 10 days.

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I was at home during those 10 days during which I shared unforgettable moments with him and the Sirothia family which is the seat of MeherBaba community of Shivpuri. During the daily meditation sessions I had in Shivpuri, I had many visions and subtle movements of my head. All night long, back to Gwalior, I heard the singing of OM, a song coming from nowhere.

Guruji is a powerful spiritual master, acting even at a distance if the disciple is ready. Back home, I regularly experienced the protective presence of Guruji during my meditations, including the visits of some spiritual masters in dreams. Thanks to Guruji's benevolence, we created a small meditation group and started remote meditation sessions involving more people. My dearest wish is that divine grace coming from the heart of our beloved Guruji continues to flow abundantly into the hearts of all. Thank you very much Guruji.

French - J’ai contacté Guruji via sa chaine youtube et il a spontanément accepté de me recevoir. Il m’a accueilli personnellement à Gwalior et m’a conduit à Shivpuri où il m’a hébergé et pris en charge pendant 10 jours. J’étais chez moi durant ces 10 jours durant lesquels j’ai partagé des moments inoubliables avec lui et la famille Sirothia qui est le siège de communauté MeherBaba de Shivpuri. Durant les séances quotidiennes de méditation que j’ai eues à Shivpuri, j’ai eu plusieurs visions et des mouvements subtils de la tête. Toute la nuit, de retour à Gwalior, j’ai entendu le chant du OM, un chant venant de nulle part. Guruji est un puissant maitre spirituel capable d’agir même à distance si le disciple est prêt. De retour au pays, j’ai régulièrement expérimenté la présence protectrice de Guruji durant mes méditations, y compris les visites de certains maitres spirituels dans les rêves. Grâce à la bienveillance de Guruji, nous avons créé un petit groupe de méditation et commencé des séances de méditation à distance par skype impliquant plus de personnes. Mon souhait le plus cher est que la grâce divine provenant du cœur de notre bien aimé Guruji continue de couler abondamment dans le cœur de tous. Merci beaucoup Guruji.

This is Siamak from Iran. I have been a friend of Guruji's on Facebook for a few years. But in 2015 in Shivpuri, I met him, along with Baba lovers of Shivpuri and dearest family of Sirothia.

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I stayed there for two days during my first trip and for one week during the second trip. That trips was unbelievable and beyond my expectation. Although I have known Mehrbaba for nine years and have travelled to Mehrabad for many times, my spiritual experience in Shivpuri with Guruji was so deep and made me have a different understanding of spirituality. I experienced limitless love, extreme humbleness...

passionate favor and deep meditation. I came to some discovery and understanding and benefited from his Shaktipat which was indescribable. More importantly, such new experience of going through life continued for me even after I left the center. Still after two years, such super mental meditation is bringing new experience to me. In 2015 and 2016, my parents and my cousin met him in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq and had the same experience. Also, another friend of mine took a course with him in 2016 and like my family, was blessed with his presence, experience, training and Shaktipat as well. I hope those dear friends who meet with Guruji and his friends, with their enlightenment, passion and effort take decisive steps to get closer to and spend time with him, and get on the path to spirituality with the favor passed down from the dearest Mehrbaba.

I watched Acharya Gaur's (Guruji's) YouTube videos on Shaktipath and found myself drawn to visiting Shivpuri on a recent trip to India.

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From the time I called Guruji to the time my husband and I arrived at Shivpuri, Guruji personally answered all our questions and took a keen personal interest in our well-being and safety in getting there. We were greeted with love and kindness and had the most incredible experience visiting with Guruji and his amazing disciples. Acharya Gaur's hospitality and attention to detail has been overwhelming and I'm looking forward to visiting again soon.

I felt a kind of love that one can only feel from one's own father. There was an incredible feeling of energy during the Shaktipath sessions. I can't say enough good things about Guruji and his friendly abode. The only regret I have is not being able to stay longer as we were scheduled to leave for the US shortly afterward.
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