World Spiritual Foundation


To start with a golden maxim will completely be in sync to belabor something about World Spiritual Foundation. 'Nature is a great balancer' - it is quite commonly said. The sacrosanct book of Hindu religion Srimad Bhagavad-Gita vociferously announces

Whenever on this earth the unjust reigns over the just and the good is eclipsed by the bad, to save the just and good and to put them back to their proper place, I {the Absolute Ego} take reincarnation on the earth.

The very purpose of the World Spiritual Foundation is much ingrained in this Sanskrit couplet. The World- Spiritual Foundation rekindles the flickering and moribund flame of spirituality well before it finally dies down and thus galvanizes the inert individual soul from the materialistic outer development to eternal inner sojourn. Founded by Sadguru Dr. Raghuveer Singh Gaur. The foundation mulls over the summum bonum of the mankind and nudges the individual self to reach there.


Initiatives by WSF

World Spiritual Foundation, led by the Guruji's vision, has undertaken the task to serve mankind selflessly and by putting people first. We run a lot initiatives to help those who need us. We have utmost sincere and kindest friends all over the globe who have encouraged and supported us in all our efforts. There is lot of suffering in the world and with our resources we can't even reach a fraction of those in need. We will continue to serve no matter what but we need help. We could use help from those who share our passion of serving humanity and helping the less fortunate. We regularly host events for social causes which will be updated in the events section.


Your contribution or donation could provide homeless families (nearly 60% are children) with safe shelter, nutritious meals and the comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future. We assure you that every cent donated by you is directed to those in need. Every donation, no matter how big or small, counts and we are utmost grateful and appreciative of every contribution made to this cause. Please join us and lets all make this world a happier & better place to live in.


Keeping the availability of resources, food inflation, services, healthcare & education costs in mind, we have provided tentative costs of what it takes for us to provide help in different areas. You could choose to sponsor a particular initiative for an individual or a family or just simply donate what you can and let us know what is the best use of your money.

Parenting the Underprivileged

The experience of long-term poverty affects a child’s personality development, through a family stress process in which poverty is considered to be one of the major factors. This causes family dysfunction, stress among caregivers and inadequate parenting. Many factors contribute to family poverty including underemployment and unemployment. Some may ‘inherit’ poverty because of being born into a particular social group defined by race, class and location. Families who constitute the ‘working group’ may have one or both parents working at or near the minimum wage. Family distress causes problems in child’s development as adults that are, in turn, linked to less effective parenting – a complex notion that involves insufficient surveillance, lack of control over the child’s behavior, lack of proper education and support, inconsistency, and displays of aggression or hostility by parents or older siblings.

Our Commitment

We are committed to enhancing the schooling experience of underprivileged children by strengthening their intellectual capabilities and competencies. We also work towards training them to become socially responsible citizens of India.

It aims at creating opportunities for underprivileged children in urban and rural India.

Through regular monitoring and experience we are constantly striving towards improving the process of our delivery which enhances quality.


Each One - Teach One

Each One Teach One Mentoring program is focused on Academic and Transformative social mentoring. We facilitate mentors supporting child to achieve at academic standards while challenging child to think differently about themselves in order to succeed. Objectives of Mentor/Mentee relationships are to foster trusting, non-parental relationships with child; to improve their social skills and to positively impact academic and extra- curricular activities participation.





Feed the Needy

Donate generously to feed a needy person today. Be of those who help eliminate hunger in our country.





Medical aid to the needy

Help the needy to heal themselves.

We are supporting various individuals who cannot afford medical aid for themselves.

What we do: We fund for Surgery, Medical Checkup, provide long term and short term medications to the needy and poor etc..

Want to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause by donating towards.





Skill Development Programme

To develop entrepreneurial skill and attitude among underprivileged, unemployed youth.
To encourage entrepreneur skills among the Youth by providing them small business platforms to support themselves.
To facilitate participation of Corporate Institutions for skill development and on Job training programs.